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Data Recovery from Liquid damaged Macbook A1534


Data Recovery from Liquid Damaged Macbook A1534. Spilled liquid and not turning on Macbook, where our Adelaide customer needed data only
data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534

This article is not educational material. It is instead a showcase of the services we offer.

Therefore, it should be used as general guidance on what to expect from such repairs.

In case you have a similar device and need repair, always rely on professionals. These are sensitive electronic devices, and small mistakes may cause irreversible electronic damage, requiring whole part replacement for 2 or 3 times the cost of the Repair.

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Macbooks built after 2017 have integrated SSD chips, resulting in complications in data recovery from liquid-damaged MacBooks.

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Liquid-damaged macbook A1534 not turning on – Data Recovery

Why is Macbook Data Recovery needed if it doesn’t turn on?

Unlike Magbooks without USBC ports, these Macbooks do not have removable storage. Hence we cannot just remove the storage and attach it to another Macbook in an attempt to retrieve the data.

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Liquid-damaged Macbook A1534 is not turning on due to liquid damage.

There are mainly two ways to recover the data from not turning on Macbooks from this generation.

1. Recovering Data from not turning on Macbook – Removing Storage Chips

As guessed, this process requires desoldering SSD chips and shipping them to a specialised chip Data Recovery company. It is a very complex, hence costly process. Usually topping the $3000 mark.

Due to the time, cost and specialised third parties involved, we leave it as a final option once we drain all options.

2. Recovering Data from not turning on Macbook – Bringing Macbook back to life

Repairing the Macbook or at least bringing it to a vegetable state so that we can pull the data is the option we prefer. This ensures that we control the whole process and hence can control the quote and cost. As well as provide a much faster turnaround with less waste.

However, like the first method, it is complicated and requires specialised skills in understanding electronics, which were not meant to be taken apart, yet alone repaired or repurposed.

How to handle Liquid Spilled Macbook

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Motherboard of Macbook A1534 with liquid damage signs on the board

The liquid is the worst enemy of any electronics. But let’s be realistic, accidents happen, and we do not live in a bubble. So it’s normal to spill something on the Macbook, we need to know how to handle the situation with as less damage as possible.

Unfortunately, due to misinformation regarding treating liquid-damaged Macbooks.
We see more and more customers who let their liquid-damaged Macbooks dry. This is a big NO!
We would highly advise reading what to do when spilled liquid on a Macbook


Data Recovery from Liquid Damage Macbook by Repairing it

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Removing the Logic Board of a Macbook A1534 after a liquid spill

As seen in the photo, liquid, while drying, turns into residue (the blue/green gunk). This residue is highly corrosive and conductive. Usually, within minutes of spillage while on or charging, it starts corroding traces and components. Hence quick action in Macbook Liquid Damage Repair is a must. If not treated on time, components inside short and Macbook either stop charging or completely seize functionality.

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Liquid Residue on a Macbook A1534, corroding due to being left to dry

We need to immediately clean and rebuild/repair damaged traces and replace corroded/faulty components. Due to the integrated battery design – every minute we waste not repairing the Macbook is a reduced chance of a successful repair.

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Macbook A1534 turning on after logic board repair

Once we repair the Macbook Logic Board, we can bring the device to a vegetable state with the aim of recovering the customer’s data.

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Turning on Macbook A1534 after a successful Repair

The customer already purchased a new Macbook, but data is something stored on the logic board. And until Liquid Damaged Macbook is Repaired, there is no cost-economical way to extract the data from a dead Macbook.

Successfully Recovering Data from Not Turning on Liquid Damaged Macbook A1534

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Testing Successfully Repaired liquid damaged Macbook A1534

After successfully bringing the Macbook back to life, we usually need to run extensive tests to ensure it is a reliable Macbook. After all, Repair is worth the cost only if we can be comfortable that the repair can hold at least 3-5 years, especially with the newest, more fragile laptop and Macbook builds.

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Preparing Macbook A1534 for a Data Extraction

However, this was not the case with this Macbook. Our Adelaide customer has already moved to a new one; they only wanted the Data to be Recovered. Hence we can run data extraction straight from the customers’ Operating System and ensure there is no stone unturned and all data is extracted safely and securely.

Why can we not rely on USBc type Macbooks?

data recovery from liquid damaged macbook A1534
Recovering Data to an External USB Drive to be used on the new Macbook

New generation Macbooks are Slim, Sleek, Thin, Fast, Quiet, and Cool. What they are not is Reliable and Repairable! Apple takes every possible measure to overcomplicate the Macbooks, unnecessarily creating multiple failing points. As we mentioned at the beginning of this long post, we do not live in a vacuum, idyllic, accident-free bubble as Apple might.

These USBC Macbooks are designed to fail within 2-3 years of ownership, with or without “user-inflicted damage or error”, as Apple calls it.

Hence the best advice we can give any Macbook user is:

If you are after a reliable, lasting and easily repairable Macbook. Dig up your old magnetic charger Macbook from the cupboard, dust it off, and make it better than new. We can vouch that it will last longer than your brand-new one.


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We are committed to reducing e-waste in Australia. We do it by educating our customers on the reparability and longevity of their devices, as well as providing affordable Laptop and Macbook Repairs here in Adelaide.
Although our best intentions and hard work, this is not an easy task. Customers must accept that cost of high-quality electronic repairs is between a third and half of the price of a new device. However, with the current trend of planned obsolescence in electronic design, we see more and more Laptops having shorter lifespans. To tackle that, while we do our repairs, we target common planned obsolescence engineering design mistakes to ensure we extend the life expectancy of the Laptops we Repair. Check some of our Repair Cases to get an idea of the process.

That said, if we buy a new one or write it off via insurance, it does not guarantee that the new one will not meet the same fate as the older one pretty soon.

Quite often, we see accidents reoccurring within less than 2-year gaps. So if we can save 2000$ or even 1000$ today by repairing our faulty Laptop or Macbook is brilliant. That’s an extra half cost of a Device, ready to be spent on another one. If the time comes or our need for performance changes.
When that time comes is up to us to buy a new one or keep pushing the one we have, but delaying it by a year or three is always a good starting point and saves another abandoned Laptop or Macbook from polluting our only Planet.

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