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27″ 2017 iMac question mark folder repair with a failed fusion drive


2017 iMac question mark folder for repair in our Adelaide workshop. These iMacs are amazing and we did our best to make sure we bring it back to its glory days. SSD upgrade just gave it an incredible performance and response times. A must for iMac's with a Fusion Drive
2017 iMac question mark folder repair

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This week we have a 27″ 2017 iMac question mark folder repair in our Adelaide #itsolverepairs workshop. Like many iMacs manufactured between 2013 and 2019, these iMacs come preinstalled with two drives. A small SSD drive, usually 128GB. Additionally, they consist of a second 3.5″ SATA drive, usually between 1TB to 3TB. These two drives are merged under a system called Fusion Drive. This way, the SSD drives work as a cache which speeds up the access to files and the system.

Unfortunately, the SATA drive is a mechanical drive, which is extremely sensitive to heat and degrades quickly under such an environment.

2017 iMac question mark folder on startup
2017 iMac question mark folder on Startup

2017 iMac question mark folder Repair Process

One way only to repair iMac with a question mark folder if the drive has failed is to perform iMac Repairs in Adelaide. This process ensures life expectancy of these machines can be extended by another five years at least. The software compatibility will be a different story, but even Monterey runs smoothly on this system without any trouble.

Taking apart 2017 imac
Taking apart 2017 iMac

Of course, step one of this process is to take the iMac apart, which is not as easy as in 2012 and earlier models, where the screen consists of magnets and screws.

This model has a fragile screen, and we already had multiple queries this week alone from people who cracked the LCD by trying to DIY take them apart.

Sorry, that’s $1500 for a cracked iMac LCD replacement – You just have wasted your iMac!

2017 iMac full with dust, which caused failed Fusion Drive
2017 iMac full of dust, which caused failed Fusion Drive

While it’s apart, it is crucial to service the iMac. Otherwise, the dust inside will fail the newly installed drive in under a year.

Servicing 27" iMac to prevent future overheating and drive failures
Servicing 27″ iMac to prevent future overheating and drive failures

As part of the service, we clean the inside of the iMac and the best time to do so is when the screen is apart. Once we do this service, annual service is enough to keep it running without a fail for a decade.

Replacing Failed Fusion Drive on 27″ iMac

This issues is a Fusion Drive failure, and we need to replace it. Luckily for this customer, our Adelaide iMac Repair Centre is equipped with all the tools and expertise needed to attend 2017 iMac question mark folder repair. Not to mention wide the stock of parts ready to fit, this way we can provide fenomenal iMac Repair Service as well as the quickest turn around in Adelaide.

Replacing SATA Drive with an SSD on a 27" iMac
Replacing SATA Drive with an SSD on a 27″ iMac

SSD drives are different form factor than the SATA drive installed in iMacs. But that’s not a problem as we can use a bracket to transition the drive size and ensure a snug fit.

2017 iMac fitted with SSD drive
2017 iMac fitted with SSD drive

Successfull 2017 iMac question mark folder repair

With installed drive we are ready to glue back the massive 27″ 5K LCD. It’s shame that Apple doesn’t build 27″ imacs anymore, neither 5K iMac’s. Afterall only upgrade we get from apple these days is a design and year of build, everything else downgrades instead.

Installing Monterey on 27" 2017 iMac after SSD upgrade
Installing Monterey on 27″ 2017 iMac after SSD upgrade

Latest OS we can install on this 2017 iMac is a Monterey, its a sleek and snappy. Exact upgrade the customer needs to achieve optimal performance from this gorgeous iMac. One of the last quality build we will ever get from Apple.

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