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2018 Macbook not typing keys Repair – Keyboard Replacement


2018 Macbook not typing keys Repair requiring a Keyboard Replacement in our Adelaide workshop after it has been used for two years with a spilled drink over the keyboard and trackpad. We replaced the keyboard, cleaned residue from the trackpad, and brought this lovely Macbook to its glory.

This article is not educational material. It is instead a showcase of the services we offer.

Therefore, it should be used as general guidance on what to expect from such repairs.

In case you have a similar device and need repair, always rely on professionals. These are sensitive electronic devices, and small mistakes may cause irreversible electronic damage, requiring whole part replacement for 2 or 3 times the cost of the Repair.

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Macbook keys not typing and fallen off
Macbook keys not typing and fallen off

This week we had a 15″ Macbook Pro A1707 in our Adelaide Macbook Repair Workshop. Customer had spilled cola over the keyboard and trackpad nearly 3 years ago. It is a miracle that internal damage hasn’t occurred on the electronics.

Only couple keys on this Macbook were not typing correctly. As seen, the customer tried to remove the caps and clean underneath, but has damaged the mechanism and could not fit the keys back.

We highly advise any liquid damaged Macbooks not to be used and be cleaned and repaired within as quick as possible. Check the reasons why it is important to repair liquid damaged Macbook ASAP.

Inspecting logic board on liquid damaged A1707 Macbook Pro
Inspecting logic board on liquid damaged A1707 Macbook Pro

First, we need to ensure there is no liquid residue remaining on the logic board itself. Although, it worked for 3 years after the spillage, we need to ensure there is no oxidation or corrosion on the board which might fail it.

A1707 Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement Process

Removing Macbook Pro keyboard cover on A1707
Removing Macbook Pro keyboard cover on A1707

Unfortunately individual non typing keys cannot be repaired with any laptops. However, there is one solution for keyboard failure, and it is a Macbook Keyboard Replacement in Adelaide.

New generation Macbook keyboards are riveted. Removal of these keyboards requires breaking it to pieces and prying it out. This can be a challenging procedure, as these bits are sharp and can bent the keyboard frame. Once bent, the feeling of the keyboard presses is not as smooth as before.

Prying out Macbook Pro A1707 keyboard as part of the replacement process
Prying out Macbook Pro A1707 keyboard as part of the replacement process

Once we pry out the keyboard, Which fells on pieces due to the PCB based design. We need to clear and remove all rivet bits and pieces.

Cleaning remaining bits from the faulty keyboard on Macbook Pro A1707

These little rivets cannot be riveted again, as they are part of the palmrest assembly. So we need to be quite innovative to get the keyboard fitted nicely. Otherwise it will be uneven.

Fitting new keyboard on Macbook Pro A1707
Fitting new keyboard on Macbook Pro A1707

A1707 Macbook Pro Sticky Trackpad Repair

Additionally, we also noticed that the trackpad is bit sticky and not responsive as it should be. So we took it apart and cleaned it.

Trackpad has some residue and needed clean as liquid residue was interfering with the keyboard and trackpad controller.

We had to clean the trackpad and luckily there was no damaged traces and corroded components. So we did not had to replace the trackpad and clean was sufficient to bring it to fully functional state.

Successful A1707 Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement

Successful A1707 Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement
Successful A1707 Macbook Pro Keyboard Replacement

A1707 Macbook Keyboard was Replaced successfully in our Adelaide workshop took 2 days once we had the part ready to fit. However, overall result was great and the system is working as new, with both keyboard and trackpad.

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