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Macbook Liquid Damage Repair in Adelaide

A1466 Macbook Air Repair - Unstable and shuts down

Liquid on Macbooks

Liquid is one of the worst enemies of any electronics. Unfortunately, the modern Macbook design consists of integrated batteries.

When liquid spills over the Macbook, it leaks inside. Even if the Macbook is off, the battery circulates electricity expecting a power button press.

When liquid dries, it turns into a residue and keeps oxidating. Like corrosion, this oxidation eats and corrodes through the components and traces until it shorts a component or destroys a trace.

As a result, Macbook suddenly stopps turning on or charging, even if it was working fine for weeks or months after the liquid damage.

Why Crucial to Repair ASAP
A1466 Macbook Air Repair - Unstable and shuts down

Latest Macbook Liquid Damaged Repair Reviews by our Customers

Do not ignore spilled liquid on your Macbook!

If liquid spills, don’t turn a blind eye to it, even if it works! Do not let it dry!

Any liquid damage is dangerous for Macbooks and requires Macbook Logic Board Cleaning and treatment immediately. 

Suppose Liquid Damaged Macbook is not treated on time, Macbook short circuits and stops turning on or charging. When that happens, we move into damage control under Macbook Logic Board Repair.


Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Cost in Adelaide

Macbook Logic Board Clean

Liquid spilled Macbooks which work well,
but requires clean to prevent more damage.
$ 300 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Following Schematics to locate fault
  • Replacing Corroded Components
  • Ultrasonic or Manual Clean
  • 90 days Warranty on Repair

Macbook Logic Board Repair

Liquid spilled Macbooks left to dry and now,
does not work well, turn on or charge.
$ 600 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Following Schematics to locate fault
  • Replacing Failing Components
  • Ultrasonic or Manual Clean
  • 90 days Warranty on Repair
Corroded Macbook Components

It's crucial to Clean it ASAP​

As seen in our Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Cases, Macbook components have a high density and are small in size. Black resistors on the right corner are as big as the tip of a needle!

Even a little drop of liquid reaching these components may cover traces and short components. This may cause the Macbook not to be able to take charge or even turn on.

Furthermore, a chemical reaction occurs when the battery keeps feeding the system. The longer liquid residue stays around circuits - heavier the damage becomes. Have a look at some of our Macbook liquid damage repair cases.

A simple analogy is a rust on metal. Once metal gets wet, doesn't matter if it dried out - it keeps rusting as time goes by. Unlike rust, though, with electronics depending on where liquid landed - it may take minutes, days or months for the liquid residue to completely destroy the area. Once its destroyed, harder and more expensive is to repair. Not to mention that replacement of the electronic board, would be 70-90% of the purchased cost of the Macbook.

Hence, quick action is a must!

We documented some of the Macbook Liquid Damage Repairs we Tackled

Repair cases

Myths & Misinformation

Unfortunately, there is widespread misinformation regarding leaving water damaged Laptop in a bag of rice. Or even worse, to let them dry by themselves.
These procedures may have worked with the old laptops where we could easily unclip and remove the battery to stop the system's power circulation.

However, modern laptops are designed with built-in batteries making them hard to disconnect without having the right tools. And precisely, this is the killer of all these water-damaged Laptops out there.

This constant electricity flow in water damaged Laptop; copper traces connecting each component start oxidizing, and part of the traces are getting "eaten" away by the corrosion. Also, the liquid residue results in short circuits caused by the bridged legs of IC chips or other components.

Effect of Corrosion on PCB
A1502 Macbook Pro Not Turning On Repair - shorted cap #1053

Ticking Time Bomb

Liquid spillage on devices is a type of damage similar to a ticking bomb. The longer we wait, the more damage it does. Read more about what to do when spilled liquid on Devices.

Hence, quick action in getting it diagnosed and repaired is crucial. Otherwise, the success rate and amount of damaged components increase - resulting in higher repair costs or an unsuccessful repair.

Considering all this, any kind of liquid spilled equipment is bound to fail. Hence there is a chance that partially working liquid damage equipment which comes for a diagnostic will fail by the time we do the diagnostic as "we will apply pressure to the wound to assess the situation". This will inevitably accelerate the corrosion.

Expect the liquid damage machine to stop functioning after the diagnostic!

Corrosion Types
A1502 Macbook Pro Not Turning On Repair - shorted cap #1053

Often Asked Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Questions

Depending on the stage of the liquid damage it could have just started corroding electronic components or already shorted and damaged traces or components. 

If corrosion has not damaged components, we usually can clean the oxidation.

However, if the corrosion has damaged traces and components fell off when we clean them, then we need to attempt Logic Board Repair. Logic board Repair involves replacing corroded and faulty components and recreating any corroded traces.

NO! If it was the battery, it would have been turning on when connected to power adapter!

It is difficult to guess what the issue is without taking the Macbook apart, measuring Internal Electronics and starting the Repair Process.

Mostly though, not turning on Macbooks require a Logic Board Repair. Especially if there is a Liquid Damage History.

Either way, this falls under the Macbook Logic Board Repair category.

This is very common question we get asked. Simple answer is: Make sure its repaired properly by reputable company who knows what they are doing. Everybody wants cheap repairs, but nobody wants 2 months lasting bandage repairs!

In general, if the repair cost is half or less of a price of a new one we highly encourage to get them repaired. Mainly because all electronics fail one way or another. It is predominantly caused by accidents such as liquid damage, impact on the screen, lack of service, etc. New Macbook often follows the same fate as the old one, as people’s habits do not change easily.

We see liquid Damaged Macbooks and Broken Screen Macbooks daily in our Adelaide Macbook Repair Centre. Often multiple times on a same customer.

We understand that it is stressful to be without the Macbook while it is in for Repair. But Macbook Repairs are not straightforward, as they all are designed with fused parts. On top of that, Apple does its best to prevent any kind of Repairs on their Macbooks. This creates a challenge in diagnosing symptoms, locating faults, sourcing documentation and schematics even finding chips.

Most of the Macbook Repairs in our Adelaide Workshop take under a week. 

If new need to order parts from interstate suppliers, add another week. Or a month if we need parts from our international suppliers.

Macbook Liquid Damage Repair Cases

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