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Macbook Keyboard Repair in Adelaide

Macbooks come with three generation keyboards. Each has its strong and weak points.

Most common type of problems we usually see with Macbook Keybards in our itsolverepairs workshop in Adelaide are:

Fallen Off Key Repair

When a key has fallen off your Macbook Keyboard, while you are typing.

We highly advise you NOT TO attempt to fit it back yourself.

Attempting to do so usually breaks the support mechanism of the key. Which then requires us to replace the whole keyboard.

How much is it to fit it for me?

Intermittent Key Repair

With some models we can individually repair intermittently typing keys if there is no liquid damage over the keyboard.

Not typing single key usually occurs with 2016-2018 model Macbooks where the butterfly keyboard oxidises and doesn't make contact.

How much to repair the key?
17" Macbook Pro coffee damaged keyboard replacement

Multiple Keys Faulty

Such fault means a straightforward keyboard replacement case, regardless of the model and year. We have especially seen with liquid-spilled Macbooks.

Individual keys cannot be repaired in this case.

How much to replace the keyboard?
17" Macbook Pro coffee damaged keyboard replacement

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Cost of Macbook Keyboard Repair in Adelaide

Macbook Fallen Off Key Repair

If a key popped out accidentally
and customer has not attempted to fit it back
$ 100 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Repair Individual Key
  • Not Typing keys
  • Altered by customer
  • No Warranty

Macbook Key Repair

If a key has difficulties to type or not sensitive enough.
This does not include not typing keys on the keyboard
$ 300 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Repair individual Key
  • Not Typing keys
  • Altered by customer
  • 30 days warranty

Macbook Keyboard Replacement

if some keys are not typing or are mistyping.
Usually after liquid spillage over the keyboard
$ 500 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Replace Keyboard
  • Liquid Damage cases
  • Altered by customer
  • 90 days Warranty

Often Asked Macbook Keyboard Repair Questions

It is difficult to guess what the issue is without taking the Macbook apart, Measuring Internal Electronics and starting the Repair Process.

Mostly though, not turning on Macbooks require a Logic Board Repair. In some rare cases, it could be a firmware fault such as a corrupted T2 Controller or SMC. 

Either way, this falls under the Macbook Logic Board Repair category.

This is very common question we get asked. Simple answer is: Make sure its repaired properly by reputable company who knows what they are doing. Everybody wants cheap repairs, but nobody wants 2 months lasting bandage repairs!

In general, if the repair cost is half or less of a price of a new one we highly encourage to get them repaired. Mainly because all electronics fail one way or another. It is predominantly caused by accidents such as liquid damage, impact on the screen, lack of service, etc. New Macbook often follows the same fate as the old one, as people’s habits do not change easily.

We see liquid Damaged Macbooks and Broken Screen Macbooks daily in our Adelaide Macbook Repair Centre. Often multiple times on a same customer.

It all depends on the Fault. We have split our Macbook Repairs into most often fail types by sections. Check each section by fault type to get a rough idea of cost.

We understand that it is stressful to be without the Macbook while it is in for Repair. But Macbook Repairs are not straightforward, as they all are designed with fused parts. On top of that, Apple does its best to prevent any kind of Repairs on their Macbooks. This creates a challenge in diagnosing symptoms, locating faults, sourcing documentation and schematics even finding chips.

Most of the Macbook Repairs in our Adelaide Workshop take under a week. 

If new need to order parts from interstate suppliers, add another week. Or a month if we need parts from our international suppliers.

Do you need Macbook Keyboard Repair Service in Adelaide?

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Some of our Macbook Keyboard Repair Cases we performed in Adelaide