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Macbook Pro A1706 Battery Service Recommended Repair

Macbook Battery Replacement in Adelaide

Macbook Batteries usually have a life expectancy of 1000 cycles; unfortunately, this is spanned across 3-4 years, with typical usage patterns explained below. As a result, a Battery with depleted health might hold a short charge. 

Another symptom of a failing battery is that it may drain quickly past a certain charge. 

We would also notice that the Battery shows one of these signs:

  • Service Recommended
  • Replace Soon
  • Battery Not Charging

All this means that the Battery needs a replacement. 

Why Batteries Fail quickly?
Macbook Pro A1706 Battery Service Recommended Repair
Macbook Pro A1398 Battery Replacement

Why do Macbook Batteries fail so quickly?

Batteries used to last 5-7 years, however since 2019 we start seeing drastically shorter battery life of Macbook Batteries in our Macbook Repair Centre in Adelaide.

Nowadays we barely get 1-2 year lifespan out of batteries. There are a couple of reasons depleting their lifespan quickly, but the most prominent is the change in the Li-Ion technology. Rather than technology advancing, we believe recycled Lithium and increasing disposable design is causing these batteries to be treated as consumables. Similiar to printer cartridges, with a drastic difference that they are not user replaceable.

We start noticing 2-3 year old Macbooks coming for a battery replacement, compared to 6-8 year old ones we used to get before.

Prominent reason also is a lack of System Service. The heat directly impacts the chemistry of the Li-Ion battery and depletes their life.

Also, heavier operating system and applications drains more current from the battery in a short time, hence the batteries overheat and reduce lifespan.

How much to replace?
Macbook Pro A1398 Battery Replacement
Macbook Pro A1706 Battery Service Recommended Repair

Difference of IT-Solve in Macbook Battery Replacement in Adelaide

There are different quality batteries on the market, from 100$ eBay/Amazon replicas to counterfeit original/OEM-like batteries flooding the distribution chain. Feedback from some distributors is that low-quality replica supply chains are increasing, and some suppliers are having difficulty differentiating them. In addition, most Macbook Batteries sourced and installed by most repair centres barely last tree to six months.

We supply and fit only high-quality cell Macbook batteries in Adelaide and do not accommodate fakes or battery replacement costs below the listed prices.

What is the process and how long?
Macbook Pro A1706 Battery Service Recommended Repair

Latest Macbook Macbook Battery Replacement Reviews by our Customers

Cost of Macbook Battery Replacement in Adelaide

13" Macbook Battery Replacement

$ 300 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Quality Cells, NOT eBay/Amzn fakes
  • Recycling Failed Battery
  • Up to 2 years life expectancy
  • 90 days Warranty on Repair

15" Macbook Battery Replacement

$ 400 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Quality cells, NOT eBay/Amzn fakes
  • Recycling Failed Battery
  • Up to 2 Years life expectancy
  • 90 days Warranty on Repair

How long it takes and when can I have it back?

Due to the many different configurations and model numbers of these batteries. No body in SA will have them ready to fit. Hence, we all need to order them from our suppliers. Which usually takes under a week to arrive and another day or so to get the battery fitted.

Pay Deposit and keep using the Mac

If you need to keep using the Macbook, while battery is in transit. We can take 100$ deposit and place an order, once part arrives. Fitting will take a day or so.

Bring Mac in for Battery Replacement

Ideally, if you do not need to use your Macbook for a week, bring it in and leave it with us so we can take it apart and once battery arrives, we can be ready to fit.

Often Asked Macbook Battery Replacement Questions

We believe that the Lithium technology to build batteries has changed in the recent years. Perhaps they use recycled Lithium or there is something else in the play.

We receive less than 3 year old Macbooks now which never been repaired, for a battery replacement. Alongside with 6-8 year Macbooks which had their first battery failure.

Go explain.

Most likely, no! Battery failure causes Macbook to switch off when on battery. However, if connected to a charger, it should still work if the battery has failed.

We can pre-order the battery by taking a 100$ deposit. This way, when the battery arrives, we can replace it within a day or two.

Due to multiple models of Macbooks, we cannot have every battery in stock. Instead, we order them from our trusty suppliers, which takes a week to supply and fit a Macbook Battery.


We can take a $100 deposit and pre-order the battery to accelerate the process. That way, we can fit it within a day when the part arrives.

We strictly do not sell parts! Only supply and fit at the prices described above. 

Li-Ion batteries, as we all know, are highly flammable. Hence we cannot be responsible for your Macbook catching fire in the middle of the night and putting your whole family in danger because of a replica battery.

Do you need Macbook Battery Replacement Service in Adelaide?

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