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Lines across the screen or Black Screen?

System Not Loading, Slow Responsiveness or Spinning Wheels?

Keyboard Not Typing or Mistyping Keys?

Charging issues or battery has drained and not charging?

Macbook Not Turning On, No Power or Not Responsive?

Spilled Liquid on your Macbook?

Battery Not Holding Charge or Drains Quickly?

Macbook Liquid Damage

Spilled Liquid on your Macbook?
Liquid Damaged Macbooks usually require some sort of Macbook Logic Board Repair.

Macbook Damaged Screen

Colourfull lines or Black Screen?
We replace the internal LCD which keeps the cost 30%-40% lower than Apple

Macbook Not Turning On

No Power on your Macbook in Adelaide?
A faulty Charging port or electronic failure can cause this fault.

Macbook Keyboard Issues

One or Multiple Keys not Typing?
Oftern requires complete Keyboard Replacement

Macbook Battery Service

Is the battery draining fast or System Running Hot?
A Battery Replacement and Service is required in most cases

Slow Macbook

Macbook Running Slow or Application Crashing?
It can be caused by a corrupted Application or an Upgrade.

How Do we Repair Macbooks in Adelaide

We have become so good in our job over the past ten years, that we can comfortably list repair costs by fault type. Also, we keep receiving exceptional reviews from our customers.

Furthermore, our Macbook Repair Service provides comprehensive and complete Macbook Repairs Solution here in Adelaide. Including one-to-one appointments with our engineer. This way, we ensure that you get the best customer service at a personal interaction level.

We don't just Replace parts - We Repair them

Unlike most repair shops, we do not offer to replace a whole part when Macbook refuses to turn on or is unstable. This is because replacing a whole part might cost as much as the Mac itself and will not be cost viable option. Instead, we do Electronic Repairs by identifying individually failed components on the board and replacing them instead.

Macbook Electronic Repairs

Electronic Repair is required when the Mac is not turning on, Not Charging or Switches Off Without Warning. In most cases, it involves repairing or replacing components of the Logic Board. 

Access to schematics allows us to find and identify those tiny components on the board and replace them. These components are small, and working with them requires experience and the right equipment, which results in quick and high-quality Macbook Repairs in Adelaide.

See how we Repair Macbooks

Circuit Design, Board View and Microscope view of the ISL9239 charging chip on a Macbook Pro


The snapshot above is a schematic view of the charging chip found most often in new Macbooks. Next to it is a logic board layout view of the schematic, allowing us to pinpoint the location of the chip on the board. Last on the right is the actual picture of the chip under a microscope, with size of a black components being smaller than a breadcrumb.

Macbook Pro

Macbook Air


Often Asked Macbook Repair Questions

It all depends on the Fault. We have split our Macbook Repairs into most often fail types by sections. Check each section by fault type to get a rough idea of cost.

This is very common question we get asked. Simple answer is: Make sure its repaired properly by reputable company who knows what they are doing. Everybody wants cheap repairs, but nobody wants 2 months lasting bandage repairs!

In general, if the repair cost is half or less of a price of a new one we highly encourage to get them repaired. Mainly because all electronics fail one way or another. It is predominantly caused by accidents such as liquid damage, impact on the screen, lack of service, etc. New Macbook often follows the same fate as the old one, as people’s habits do not change easily.

We see liquid Damaged Macbooks and Broken Screen Macbooks daily in our Adelaide Macbook Repair Centre. Often multiple times on a same customer.

We understand that it is stressful to be without the Macbook while it is in for Repair. But Macbook Repairs are not straightforward, as they all are designed with fused parts. On top of that, Apple does its best to prevent any kind of Repairs on their Macbooks. This creates a challenge in diagnosing symptoms, locating faults, sourcing documentation and schematics even finding chips.

Most of the Macbook Repairs in our Adelaide Workshop take under a week. 

If we need to order parts from interstate suppliers, add another week. Or a month if we need parts from our international suppliers.

It is difficult to guess what the issue is without taking the Macbook apart, Measuring Internal Electronics and starting the Repair Process.

Mostly though, not turning on Macbooks require a Macbook Logic Board Repair in Adelaide. In some rare cases, it could be a firmware fault such as a corrupted T2 Controller or SMC. 

Either way, this falls under the Macbook Logic Board Repair category.

TLDR: Liquid dries and creates residue, which is conductive and corrosive. Longer you wait to get it repaired, lower the chances are for a successful repair, leading to higher repair cost as we switch from prevention to damage control. Best book an appointment for cleaning, before it corrodes and shorts components.

Liquid Spilled Macbooks are a common accident type we receive in our Adelaide Workshop, right after cracked Macbook Screen Repairs.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on the web regarding What to do when spilled liquid on Macbook? or Spilled liquid on Macbook. What to do?

There are a couple of actions that make sense when liquid is spilled on different types of electronics. But most do not apply to consumer electronics such as Macbooks and Laptops. In fact, have a devastating effect which we explained and outlined the steps we take in Repairing liquid Damaged Macbooks.

Do you need Macbook Repair Service in Adelaide?

Suppose you have an iMac or MacBook causing troubles and need a Mac repair service in Adelaide. Give us a call, and we will advise on the best scenario to get your Mac repaired.

We at IT-Solve, specialize in computer and electronics repairs. We will do our best to repair your Mac quickly without involving high costs and long queues in repair shops.

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Some of our Macbook Repair Cases we performed in Adelaide