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Laptop Keyboard Repair in Adelaide

Laptop Keyboard Repair is needed usually when a key has fallen off or key is not typing properly.

Thankfully, most laptops still stick around with the well established and more robust matrix keyboard designs. Unlike, new Macbook PCB design on their Butterfly and Magic Keyboards, which are more complex and come with multiple failure points, resulting in a high fault rate even with brand new replaced keyboards.

Lenovo Yoga 9 14ITL5 - Keyboard Replacement

Is it worth replacing keyboard on a laptop or should just buy a new laptop?

Throw away laptops design, caused by "upgrades"

It is easy (although pricey) to buy a new laptop when a laptop keyboard repair ins needed, but let's not forget that the fault was caused by an accident. Spending 500$ to replace the laptop keyboard on a 3-year-old device might sound insane. However, spending three times more (the average laptop costs 1,500$) on a new laptop just to follow the same fate 2-3 years later or sooner is a waste of money.


It cost approx 500$ per year per person, nowadays to own a laptop, which gets regularly replaced (upgraded as they say). Environment devastating part of it is also that every device we upgrade, financially stimulates the manufacturers to produce, less and less reliable laptops. Thus, claiming that electronic recycling saves the planet, while profiting from engineering laptops with less than 2 years lifespan.

Why some places quote lower Laptop Keyboard Repair cost in Adelaide?

Cheap Amazon/eBay/Ali parts

We have been repairing laptops for over 10 years now. One thing we learnt the hard way is that customer wants low price, but do not want low quality repairs. Each cheap part fitted is a liability for us to redo the job free of charge with quality parts, when it fails or a key pops, or its not same fitting. Regardless of how much people spend for a repair, they need a reliable repair. Not a bandage.

Latest Laptop Keyboard Repair Reviews by our Customers

Cost of Laptop Keyboard Repair in Adelaide

Laptop Fallen Off Key Repair

If a key popped out accidentally
and customer has not attempted to fit it back
$ 100 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Repair Individual Key
  • Not Typing keys
  • System Service
  • No Warranty

Laptop Key Repair

If a key has difficulties to type or not sensitive enough.
This does not include not typing keys on the keyboard
$ 300 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Repair individual Key
  • Not Typing keys
  • System Service
  • 30 days warranty

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

if some keys are not typing or are mistyping.
Usually after liquid spillage over the keyboard
$ 500 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Liquid Damage cases
  • System Service
  • 90 days Warranty

Easy way to determine Laptop Keyboard Repair needed

Laptop Fallen Off Key Repair

Quite often we accidentally knock keys off. If that happens we can fit it back, considering that customer hasn't tried to fit it back themselves.
Otherwise the support underneath might break requiring whole key or keyboard replacement

Laptop Key Replacement

If only one key does not work or looks broken. Often the support which holds the key in place has been damaged by customer while attempting to fit it back. In such case we have no choice but to source a spare key/s and fit them back. This is not easy though as even across same model laptop, key fittings do not match and are very hard to source.

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

If multiple keys on the laptop are not typing or are temperamental, that usually means there was a liquid or organic material damage. Individual key repair will not resolve this issue and requires a complete keyboard replacement.

Often Asked Laptop Keyboard Repair Questions

It is difficult to guess what the issue is without taking the Laptop apart, Measuring Internal Electronics and starting the Repair Process.

Mostly though, issue with not turning on Laptops are rarely the keyboard power button.

Either way, we need to run diagnostic and identify the fault.

It all depends on what happened to it. But in general, if the repair cost is half or less of a price of a new one we highly encourage to get them repaired. 

That’s mainly because all electronics fail one way or another. It is predominantly caused by accidents such as liquid damage, impact on the screen, lack of service, etc. The new Laptop may follow the same fate as the old one, as people’s habits do not change easily.

We see liquid Damaged Laptop and Broken Screen Laptops daily in our Adelaide Laptop Repair Center. Often on the same customer.

It all depends on the Fault. We have split our Laptop Repairs into most often fail types by sections. Check each section by fault type to get a rough idea of cost.

We understand that it is stressful to be without the Laptop while it is in for Repair. But Laptop Repairs are not straightforward, as they all are designed with fused parts. On top of that, Apple does its best to prevent any kind of Repairs on their Laptop. This creates a challenge in diagnosing symptoms, locating faults, sourcing documentation and schematics even finding chips.

Most of the Laptop Repairs in our Adelaide Workshop take under a week. 

If new need to order parts from interstate suppliers, add another week. Or a month if we need parts from our international suppliers.

Do you need Laptop Keyboard Repair Service in Adelaide?

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