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Laptop Hinge Repair in Adelaide

These days we get a plethora of laptops on the market, competing to be the thinnest model out there.
Thin laptops, of course, come with their own problems, one of them being a broken laptop hinge support requiring a Laptop Hinge Repair in Adelaide.
Unfortunately, the plastic and even aluminium casing designs are not good enough to handle 1-3 kg heavy touch screen display assembly. Moreover, adding complicated hinge mechanisms to allow 360-degree rotating screens only introduces extra failure points.

Unfortunately, the repair cost for this process can sometimes come quite close to the cost of the whole machine. Like the Acer Chromebook, we did a while ago. However, we must understand the complexity of the process and, most importantly, that once this repair is done correctly. Hinges will be the last part that will break on these machines.

If we buy a new laptop within the same price category or with a similar design (as most of them are), we will have the same problem with the hinges in under two years. And by Murphy’s law, it will happen just when it is outside of the warranty, or we will have a hard time convincing JB-HIFI that it did not break because we dropped it (or whatever other excuse they come with).

Why Laptop Hinges Break?

Acer SP314-51 Broken Hinge Support Repair
Acer SP314-51 Broken Hinge Support Repair

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Cost of Laptop Hinge Repair in Adelaide

Laptop Single Hinge Repair

If one of the hinge support is broken
$ 300 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Repair individual Hinge
  • Oiling and Servicing hinges
  • System Service
  • 90 days warranty

Laptop Both Hinge Repair

if one hinge is broken but second hinge is about to fail
$ 500 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • Repair both Hinges
  • Oiling and Servicing hinges
  • System Service
  • 90 days Warranty
Acer SP314-51 Broken Hinge Support Repair

Costly, why not buy new laptop? Maybe different brand

Acer SP314-51 Broken Hinge Support Repair

What shall I do if I need a Laptop Hinge Repair in Adelaide?

Acer SP314-51 Broken Hinge Support Repair
Acer SP314-51 Broken Hinge Support Repair

Often Asked Laptop Hinge Repair Questions

Over the years, dust collects within the laptop, which gets pushed around and ends up mixed up with the silicone grease of the hinges.

Treads of the hinges are narrow and shallow, especially with touch screen model laptops. Mixed-up grease and dust clog them up, resulting in highly stiff hinges.

As a result, pressure when opening and closing the screen gets transferred into the hinge support. Most models come with a plastic hinge support, where the hinge nut is fused into the plastic back cover. These plastics are weak and crack easily under pressure, as seen above. Either nut pops out together with the hinge screw or completely rips off the support altogether.

If not repaired on time, this pressure gets transferred into the screen corner and breaks the screen. At that point, we also need a Laptop Screen Replacement on top of the Laptop Hinge Repair in Adelaide, resulting in doubled cost.

That said we need to repair the hinges ASAP before they break the screen.

Depending on if single or both hinge supports are damaged, the cost of laptop hinge repair could be between 300$-600$.

The cost of the repair depends on the damage, as well as if the screen is still intact and functioning fine. Closing the screen with broken hinges causes the laptop assembly to get extra tension and fall apart or separate. If we can repair the hinges before further damage is done, we can spare a replacement screen or wires around it.

Due to the custom metalwork involved, we need to apply different techniques for each repair case. You can see what we deal with on each case in our Laptop Hinge Repair cases section.

Although there is a high complexity behind each step, we want to make sure we provide superior quality repair and craftsmanship without damaging or altering much of the design of the laptop itself.

The cost of the repair depends on the damage on the hinge support. Which is not immediately obvious from outside. Hence we need to run a diagnostic by taking the device apart. 

Most often though, once we take it apart cracked plastics just fells off like a bag of chips. And we can see the second hinge just barely holding.

We see broken hinges on laptops that are less than one year old. A recent case was a Lenovo laptop that was still under warranty. Lenovo Support stated it was a user error and quoted 1200$ for a top case assembly replacement. It was purchased for 1800$

All brands and models are the same. Only solution is to get it riveted, which makes a metal-to-metal connection. So the hinge support is sandwiched between the back case and the hinge. If the back cover or the laptop is replaced, it is a matter of time before plastics crack.

Call it a design mistake if you like, but for us, it is a planned obsolescence in the engineering design, forcing people to purchase more laptops and generate more eWaste.

We understand that it is stressful to be without the Laptop while it is in for Repair. But Laptop Repairs are not straightforward, as they all are designed with fused parts. On top of that, Apple does its best to prevent any kind of Repairs on their Laptop. This creates a challenge in diagnosing symptoms, locating faults, sourcing documentation and schematics even finding chips.

Most of the Laptop Repairs in our Adelaide Workshop take under a week. 

If new need to order parts from interstate suppliers, add another week. Or a month if we need parts from our international suppliers.

Over the years we tried all feasible options in repairing Laptop Hinges. We glued them, replaced the hinges, replaced the back cover. As a result they would always break again. 


Therefore, we have found the ideal solution of repairing the hinges. By running a rivet through the assembly. Which creates a metal to metal connection between the hinges and back cover, rather than relying on a nuts fused in plastic.

Do you need Laptop Hinge Repair Service in Adelaide?

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Some of our Laptop Hinge Repair Cases we performed in Adelaide