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iMac Distorted Screen Repair in Adelaide

Considering the internal design, iMacs fall under three generations. Each has its own problems, which may need an iMac Distorted Screen Repair in Adelaide or an iMac GPU Repair in Adelaide. The newer generation of the iMac is inevitably more complex and less repairable it is.

A failing GPU often causes distortion on the screen of most iMacs built before 2019. Unlike Thick iMacs where the GPU is a removable module, all iMacs after 2012 comes with a soldered GPU onto the logic board.

To repair iMac Graphic Card, we need to disassemble the iMac and resolder the weak solder joints under the GPU chip. This requires a particular device that reheats and resolders cracked up solder joints to ensure they can handle high-speed video signals passing through them.


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GPU Repair

Reflow and Resolder failed GPU
$ 600 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • GPU Reflow
  • Data Preserved
  • System Service
  • 90 days Warranty

Data Backup

Extract Data from failed iMac
$ 350 in Average
  • Diagnosing the fault
  • 1TB USB Drive
  • Data Backup
  • Software Backup
  • Emails Backup

What is the iMac Distorted Screen Repair Process in Adelaide?


Right to Repair

We are upset! Taking repair information, schematics, boardviews, tools and parts away from users and repair centres means less Repair: only the very brave, very experienced, or very stupid will try to Repair an electronic device without a manual.

Lets aknowledge that less Repair means more disposable culture, more electronic waste to ofshore landfills, more toxic mining and manufacturing, and fewer jobs in local Repair shops.

Why it is Important!Support Right To Repair

Often Asked iMac Distorted Screen Repair Questions

It all depends on what happened to it. But in general, if the repair cost is half or less of a price of a new one we highly encourage to get them repaired. 

That’s mainly because all electronics fail one way or another. It is predominantly caused by accidents such as faulty power outlets, a force of nature, constant usage, etc. The new iMac may follow the same fate as the old one, as people’s way of usage does not change easily.

Do you need iMac Distorted Screen Repair Service in Adelaide?

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