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Website setup and maintenance

Outside Business hours support

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Business Email

Office 365

Antivirus Protection Addon

Adware Protection Addon

Providing Highly available and spot on Small Business IT Support in Adelaide

We know how stressful is when something stops working in the middle of business hours. Especially with today’s unreliable tech. Hence we at ITSolveRepairs combined our Repair and IT Support teams together. That means that you get a hardware, software and IT support at one place. This way there is no need of different companies to keep passing the ball between each other and pointing fingers.

This drastically reduces turn around times, critical business stopping failures, also ensures there is one responsible entity for the repairs and one number to call when IT fails!

IT Support Services in Adelaide

Desktop, Laptop and Macbook Repairs

We all know how expensive business-grade IT systems are. But, most importantly, they must always be available and functioning. Hence, we aim to reduce the eWaste and environmental impact by maintaining the current IT infrastructure within a company. This way, we avoid unexpected computer failures and unnecessary recurring two-year IT upgrades.

Business Email Setup and Support

We cover email support across multiple public, ISP and custom email providers. With wast experience in troubleshooting and resolving email issues you can rest assure your email issues will be resolved in a tick. Also if you need to have your website or business name as part of the email address we can also set that all up for you and ensure all devices are operating emails as they should.

Networking and Infrastructure Support

We take care of your IT room, where no body dares to step. The spaghetti mess of cables are something which needs to be looked at. We can either setup or host your IT system as well as assist in maintaining your existing system to ensure each computer in the business is communicating with all devices smoothly enough.

Website Setup and Maintenance

With a team of web gurus, we ensure your website is hosted correctly as well as is build to your liking. If unsure where your website is, or was sitting in the corner of the web for long with no changes, perhaps now is the time to bring it back to live and ensure your marketing strategy is up to date. We can assist with that and build it from scratch or update and optimize your existing one. Whats even better, we use CRM based websites, which means that you will have a control and access to your own website to update the content per your liking the same way you do with your social media. Need help there, we can assist there too. After all, there is one prominent way how customers will find you and that's through a search engine.

Outside Business hours support

We know how important is business activities to keep running, even if IT fails. Hence we have extended and weekend coverage to make sure that IT does not disrupt your business. Our lines are direct lines with an engineer, this ensures you get technical support straight on the first call. No call center playbook answers here. Straight to the point, as shows in the amazing reviews we get

Callout Onsite Engineer

Unlike most IT Support offshore or interstate companies we are based in Adelaide. Hence if we cannot resolve it remotely, we will have engineer onsite that very same day. Or night/weekend for that matter, we want to make sure that we do not interrupt the business as show must go on, regardless of the raging fire behind the scene.
*3 Hours minimum callout time is required

Business Email matching your Website

Included in the IT-Support Subscription is a user exchange business email aligned with your website, to ensure your business looks as professional as ever. Including options to sync Calendar, Contacts and Emails across different devices.
Professional Signature panel to proudly display your Business Card.

Office 365 and 1TB Cloud Storage - Addon

Microsoft 365 empowers your employees to do their best work from anywhere in the world, together in one place. Anyone in your organization can quickly create documents, presentations, and worksheets within a single, unified, Microsoft 365 experience. You can organize, and safely store files in OneDrive with intuitive and easy organizational tools.
Office 365 allows to Keep your business connected from anywhere with chat and cloud collaboration tools.

Virus and Malware protection - Addon

Almost every day we hear in the new how somebody got scammed or hacked. Countless businesses we meet which does not have any protection in place. Keeping an operating system up to date is not enough these days, with constantly growing vectors of exploitation of our systems.
Our deployed Antivirus Protection ensures your system is protected from infections and runs safe.

Adware and Ad Protection - Addon

As we browse the internet, we get a shabby pop-ups or video "ads" running on the side of each page. Most of these ads are coming from legitimate sources. However, they bloat web pages and slow down the internet and internet browsing experience.
Our deployed Adware Protection, ensures Malicious and Annoying Ads and sections of the webpages are omitted, resulting in faster web page loading times.

IT Support Tiers

IT Support

Occurring support including business emails
$ 100 + GST per device.user/month
  • 1hr Base IT Support

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office with 1TB Cloud Backup
$ +30 + GST per device.user/month
  • Microsoft Office 365

Cyber Protection

Virus, Adware and Malware Protection
$ +20 + GST per device.user/month
  • Cyber Protection

Web Presence

Maintaining Online Presence/Website
$ +100 + GST per business.website/month
  • Web Support

IT-Support Base Plan



Email Support


Web Support

Extended hours

Onsite Engineers

Business Emails

Microsoft Exchange Emails
Business Email

Repairs, IT Support, Website Support and Networking included

Each month you get 1hr free IT Support. This can be used either as a time used towards assistance with IT issues you experience that month.
Alternatively, use it as a discount towards the multiple types of services we offer. Namely:

  • Laptop & Macbook Repairs
  • Remote IT Support to resolve everyday IT issues
  • Onsite Callout of our Engineers
  • Website Design, Support and Setup
  • Email issues and Setup
  • Printer issues and Setup
  • Network issues and assistance

Includes late availability and priority remote service.

Microsoft Exchange email included to match your website

Having a professional email address aligning well with business website is at most importance.

As a part of a subscription package we include exchange email address license, which can be tailored to match your business website name.

We can also assist with professional signature on your emails and setup multiple devices to receive emails seamlessly.

Free User Onboarding

You do not need to pay for additional time spent to onboard and setup the emails for each user. We take care of the migration from your old email to the new exchange emails and ensure everything is done smoothly so clients and staff will not notice the change.

We aim for zero downtime, meaning its business as usual while we are migrating all systems.

SLA with Annual Subscription period

IT Support agreement with maximum of 48hrs respond time to ensure no IT delays impacts your business.

Annual subscription with Monthly or Annual payment options. This to ensure no impacts occurs on the services due to payment delays.

Microsoft Office Addon

Office Applications

Microsoft Teams
MS Teams
Microsoft Outlook
MS Outlook
Microsoft Word
MS Word
Microsoft Excel
MS Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft OneDrive
Cloud Storage

This is an Addon which will be added to the IT-Support Service

Our Base IT-Support plan includes 1 hour of dedicated IT assistance per month. This flexible hour can be used for web maintenance, general IT support, or even personalized business growth advice, catering to the specific needs of your startup.

Microsoft Office 365 Suite

Microsoft Office package included in the monthly subscription, ensures that you have access to collaborative processing suite. Ensuring version control has every change of your document reversible.

In used with multi user setup, it allows real-time collaborative changes on documents where you can see each change done by a separate user.

Cloud OneDrive Business Storage to Backup and Share business data

1TB of a Business level Cloud storage which allows setting up per folder permissions for collaborative work between separate Microsoft Office users.

With option to setup temporary sharing links and password protected shares across the internet.

Functionalities Included

Selectively Allow/Deny users to edit your files
Selectively Allow/Deny users edit your files
Store data on the cloud or locally
Allow users to upload files into selected shared folders
Edit and access your files across any device
Edit your files across any device
Version control of your files with option to revert to previous edits at anytime
Version control of your files with option to revert to previous edits at anytime
Integrated anti-spam measure to keep you safe from known spam emails
Integrated anti-spam measure to keep you safe from known spam emails
Customizable service aligning with your Business needs
Customizable service aligning with your Business needs

Cyber Protection Addon

Protection Applications


This is an Addon which will be added to the IT-Support Service

Our Base IT-Support plan includes 1 hour of dedicated IT assistance per month. This flexible hour can be used for web maintenance, general IT support, or even personalized business growth advice, catering to the specific needs of your startup.

Antivirus, Malware and Adware Protection

Protection to cover your business from hacking, hijacking and web threats.

Web-based filters to sieve through low-reputation websites with automatic block and alert options. Fully customizable filters and exclusions to match every user in the business.

Protection Included

Blocks Malicious Treats
Blocks Malicious Treats
Halts Hackers
Halts Hackers
Blocks Phishing Links and Websites
Blocks Phishing Links and Websites
Speeds up the Browser by Removing Ads
Speeds up Browsing by Blocking Ads
Protects Against Harmful web content
Protects Against Harmful web content
Fine Control of Filters
Fine Control and Adjustment of Filters

Web Presence


SiteGround Hosting
WordPress Website
Envato Themes
Design Templates

This is an Addon which will be added to the IT-Support Service

Our Base IT-Support plan includes 1 hour of dedicated IT assistance per month. This flexible hour can be used for web maintenance, general IT support, or even personalized business growth advice, catering to the specific needs of your startup.

Business Online Web Presence

Feeling overwhelmed thinking about a website? We are here to help!

Website is similar to a business card or a flyer. These days every business needs a web presence so it can be easily found online. As a customer first will look up online if they heard about a business name and its services.

The difference between social media and your own website is that you control the website. While with social media you are limited in what you can place there and how to lay it out. Not to mention that, due to being controlled by other companies, there is no security for how long they will let you operate that page.

There are two main approaches to consider in building a website:

1. Hiring a Web Developer and SEO Specialist:

This option offers a hands-off approach, where professionals build and optimize your website. However, the initial cost of building a website (around $3,000) and ongoing fees (around $600/month) can be a hurdle for new businesses. Not to mention the single charge cost of every update could be $100 per hour depending on the content that needs updating.

2. DIY or Guided Setup with IT-Solve:

This approach empowers you to learn and take control of your business’s web presence. IT-Solve can guide you through the website setup process at your preferred pace – you choose how much you tackle yourself and what you offload to us to handle. Whatever you offload to us and takes under 1 hr a month for us to action, is included in your IT-Support Plan.

Initial Investment for Business/Domain Name, Hosting and Website Setup

Affordable Starting Point with IT-Solve:

Investing around $1,000 can get you started with a basic website that reflects your brand and has a secure hosting environment for smooth operation.

Hosting and Domain Name included

Every online business needs a minimum of three key components running 24/7, in this order:

Domain: The unique web address that visitors use to find your online location (like your street address for your business).

Hosting: The virtual space where your website files reside, similar to the land where your house is built.

Web Site: Design and structure of the website which customers will see when they visit your domain name.

Often Asked IT Support Questions

Subscription allows us to know your business better and have that 1 hour monthly slot to go through any issues you might have in that month or tailor and optimize your IT to fit your business. Not to mention that if you are IT Support Subscriber you are on the front of the queue and will be responded to, within the same day. Unlike the on-demand IT Support where we book the repair for that week.

All Subscription types require us to subscribe and pay annually for Microsoft and Hosting Services. Hence, our subscriptions are renewed annually, with yearly recurring contracts.

We use automated payments system and direct debit monthly or annually based on the contract. Alternatively, customer can setup Scheduled Payment with their banking system to ensure payments are not missed.

Second month missed payment, results in disconnection of services which might loose access to emails, applications and lost of website/email data.

Unfortunately due to the annual basis of payment for subscriptions, we cannot cancel a service mid-contract if a user has left the company.

Instead we can transfer the license to a new user by changing the email address and license.

Installing the software is only one of the steps in getting your system protected. Unfortunately, protection is not install and forget service.It is an uphill battle to educate our customers how to be safe online and how or where to store their data.

Our addons offer not only an Enterprise level software, but also continuous system monitor and check base, to ensure that protection is in place and is adjusting itself to your business needs.

We see over and over again, infected businesses which have an installed antivirus program, or a cloud storage, but failed to set it up or understood how to use it properly.

What we provide is a tailored experience in ensuring the software runs and is adapted to suit your business needs. Rather than just being a program which is installed with its default settings and no one knows what it does and often what is it – until the disaster strikes!

Do you need IT Support Service in Adelaide?

Suppose you a Small Business and are fed up with IT issues at the workplace and need a IT Support service in Adelaide. Give us a call, and we will advise on the best scenario fitting your IT business needs.

We at IT-Solve, specialize in IT Support as well as computer and electronics repairs. We will do our best to solve your IT problems quickly without involving high costs and long queues in repair shops.

Call us now on 0469317177 or drop us an inquiry via Text us via Whatsapp MessengerWhatsApp or Text us via Facebook MesengerMessenger – Our engineers will respond quickly to your question.