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Request a Free Device Pick Up in Adelaide

Device Pickup Request

If you are based in Adelaide, we can Pick up and Return your device for free.
You can get a quote under the Need Repair Menu of our Website based on the sympthoms of your Device.

We will call to discuss a suitable time to organise a collection after you submit the pickup request.

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If you have no idea how to do so, please read here Remove Mac from iCloud . We cannot do any diagnostic while the device is connected to iCloud!

Worried about providing login details to the device and data privacy? Please create a separate Administrator account so we can test the system properly once repaired.

90% of the cases this is not required, as we aim to repair the device and all data should be as it was before the accident. However, we advise to have a system of automated backups in case laptop fails, hence we can set this automated backup system for you and provide you with a 1TB Backup drive. It is an additional cost to the quoted repair cost..

Each Repair if Cancelled or Unsuccessful incurs 2 fees:

  1. $100 - Diagnostic Fee to determine what is wrong with the device and what type of repair it needs. Non Refundable
  2. $100 - Repair Attempt Charge for Unsuccessful Repairs once you agree to the repair. This covers chips, components and time wasted in trying to repair the device, as we cannot reuse the parts. Alternatively, donate unrepairable device for parts to waive this fee. (Eligible Devices Only)

Ensure you understand our Terms and Conditions, and call us if you need clarification.