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IT-Solve Repairs Stirling DropOff Point - Quasar Digital

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NO while you wait Diagnostic

NO Engineers at this Drop Off Point.
You are expected to drop the device and pick it up once its repaired.
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Each DropOff Point covers different services for IT-Solve.
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IT-Solve One to One Diagnostic Service

DropOff - Diagnostic - Repair - Collect

  1. Get a rough quote online by Symptoms
  2. Book Appointment & Take to DropOff Point
  3. Our Engineers Collect and Diagnose
  4. Quote and explain the Repair needed
  5. Return Repaired device to DropOff Point
  6. Book Collection Appointment

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Need a rough estimate for your repair with ITSolve Repairs Adelaide?

You can easily self-identify the fault of your device and get an idea of cost of the repair. Self-Identify the Fault by Device Type and its Symptoms

If the repair needed does not fit into the list above, that means we need to Diagnose and identify the fault before we quote.

Macbook Repairs

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Other Repairs

Device not listed? We repair all kind of electronics, with minimum average repair cost of 300$.
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Drop Off Location - Quasar Digital

Quasar Digital

Quasar Digital is our Partner who offers IT-Solve Repairs DropOff Point in Stirling with NO ENGINEER on site, where you can pass by and drop off your device for a Repair.

Repairs are performed by ITSolve Repairs at our main Workshop in Campbelltown.

Working Hours - Booking Required!
MON-FRI: 9:30 - 17:30

If you need a diagnostic while you wait, preferably, you want to bring your device to our workshop so an Engineer can perform a Diagnostic on your device while you wait. All DropOffs and Diagnostics incur a Diagnostic Charge as covered in our T&C