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Choose way to remove Macbook from iCloud

Why do we need to Remove Macbook from iCloud before a Repair

Removing a Macbook from iCloud before a Repair is Absolutely necessary. Especially the new generation Macbooks, which come with a T2 Security Chip and Apple Silicon CPU. Each part of the Macbook is serialized to work only with the customer’s Macbook. This is a firmware implementation. Mainly within the parts of the Mac such as Screens, Keyboards, Trackpads, Batteries even some of the chips.

During our repair and diagnostic process, often we need to cross-test different parts. We test parts of the customer’s Macbook into our test Macbooks and vice versa to locate the faulty part. Unfortunately, we cannot do this on Macbooks, which are linked to the customer’s iCloud account. As the system sometimes does not detect the replacement part.

We need to ensure that the device is unlocked and removed from your iCloud account, before even running a Diagnostic!

Unlinking the device from the iCloud Account DOES NOT remove its User Password NEITHER allows us to access the Customer’s Data.
All Macbooks with a Catalina or above operating system have their drive encrypted. This does not allow anyone to access customer data without their User Account/iCloud Password.

Once the repair is complete, customers can log in to the user account using their password. Then sign into their iCloud Account, which links back the Macbook into their iCloud account.

Repairing Macbook Logic Board by itsolverepairs


Repairing Macbook Logic Board by itsolverepair  

Remove Macbook from iCloud va Web Browser

Ensure Macbook to be removed from iCloud is the one left for Repair.

Removing the Macbook from their iCloud account is easy even via a browser. Open your browser, Firefox, Chrome or Safari and follow these steps to remove the Macbook left for repair from iCloud using your browser. Both devices need to use the same iCloud account!

1. Log into your iCloud Account from a web browser

Log into your www.iCloud.com/find account, which is associated with your device. This needs to be the account with iCloud activated on the Macbook you left with us for repair.

IT-Solve - iCloud Login Screen

2. Choose the device, you have left with us for a repair

Click on All Devices and choose the device you have left with us for repair. Ensure you choose the correct device!IT-Solve - iCloud Device Selection Screen

3. Remove the device from your iCloud Account

Once the Device is selected, click on Remove from Account

IT-Solve - iCloud Remove Device

3. Confirm Device Removal

Confirm Device Removal from the iCloud Account

IT-Solve - iCloud Device Removal

If you still cannot remove the device from your account after following these steps, you need to contact AppleCare at 1300321456 regarding the issue. Please make sure you are ready to provide your serial number when contacting them (you can find it on your receipts or original box)

Once the device is removed, do let us know so we can proceed with the diagnostic/repair!