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Importance of a System Service

Regardless of the Brand, Model or Type every Apple Mac and Windows Computer and Laptop needs a regular IT-Solve System Service.

Lack of System Service is the cause of over 70% of the devices we see in our workshop fail. As well as how to extend the life of the device by fighting against the planned obsolescence in the design.

Overheating Device

Dust gathers within the laptop as fans keeps spinning trying to cool down the system. Resulting in dust clogging up the fans and radiators fins. Furthermore, heat trapped cannot get pushed out of the device quick enough.

This leads to overheating, which risks blowing chips and ICs inside of the Laptop or Mac.

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Dry thermal compound

Thermal compound is a toothpaste like paste applied between the big CPU/GPU chips and radiator. Over the years it dries out and reduces its efficiency to transmit the heat to the radiator.

When CPU overheats it throttles and reduces its performance. However, with gaming laptops, GPU has no capability to throttle and instead, it slowly boils itself and produces Graphic Card Failure.

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Asus ROG Zephyrus worn memory thermal pads

Worn Memory pads

With Gaming Laptops build these days, the Memory Hot Spot can reach easily over 100*C. Hence most manufacturers resort to thermal pads to close the air gap between the memory chips and the heatsink.

Unfortunately, when exposed to such heat, thermal pads become dry and stiff. Also develop cracks within which creates air gaps. As a result the heat from the memory Chip cannot get transferred easily to the heatsink and overheats the memory chips. This results to Memory and GPU failure on modern gaming laptops

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A1398 2015 Macbook Pro monitoring internal temperature

Temperature Monitoring Software

Similar to the human body, laptops also underperform when they get hot. An easy way to monitor the health of our Laptops is to constantly monitor their temperature.

To do so with every service, and customer's permission we install a small software running alongside the system allowing to visually display the internal temperatures of the system

Stiff Hinges

Hinges in laptops holds the screen and bottom part together. They use a silicon grease, which gets mixed up with the dust in the first 2 years, resulting in spliting or separating screen.

This if untreated on time results in broken screen on top of the broken Laptop Hinge support.

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Battery Failure

Laptop batteries are designed to work at max. 80*C environment. Unfortunately, due to lack of service, most laptops cannot push the heat outside quickly enough, which consistently overheats the internals over 90*C.

With the current design of batteries being glued in within the Laptops and Macbooks, quite often we come across expanded fire hazard battery cells.

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Oxidation and Corrosion

Dust collected inside the electronics creates a layer which then attracts organic materials such as breadcrumbs, hair, and other particles. Due to the organic nature of these particles, they absorb humidity.

Mixed with the dust within the system, it creates little mud-like paddles. Small needle-tip-sized components get covered in this and start oxidating. As a result, traces and components corrode, resulting in Non Turning On Macbooks or Laptops.

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Acer Spin 5 Not charging via USBc Repair

Cleaning charging ports and connectors

Charging ports consist of a thin connector which pass high current through them. Over the years dust, dirt and humidity causes oxidation and bad contact joints.

Especially with the modern USB-C type Macbooks and Laptops, quite often we come across damaged charging ports caused by corroded pins.

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What YOU can do about it?

There is a way to DIY it and blow off the dust without taking it apart, however this will be a bandage job.

You can just dust off the system without dissasembling and taking it apart, however this ususally keeps pushing the dust and other debries deeper within the device. It could be a short term fix, but in long term not all organic materials are removed from the system.

Alternatively, you can take it apart and clean it inside. However, the parts, cables and components inside are really thin and small. Unfortunately, we see so many cases where customers rip off a connector. At other times we see customers transferring ESD into the electronics by accidentally touching the circuitry or shorting a line.


Although we encourage DIY, we should know how much our skills and knowledge extend to prevent damage to these small components and fragile connectors.

What ITSolve Repairs can do about it?

Ideally, we want to take the whole device apart and service it properly. 

We advise Basic System Service to be done Annually, while Full System Service is every 2-3 years depending on the thickness of the device and its specifications.

You can just dust off the system without dissasembling and taking it apart, however this ususally keeps pushing the dust and other debries deeper within the device. It could be a short term fix, but in long term not all organic materials are removed from the system.

Basic Service Includes

Basic System Service

Annual Service is highly advised, to prolong lifespan of devices.
$ 100 Same or Next Day
  • Includes general health check

Full Service Includes

Full System Service

Advised every 2-3 years and annually on gaming laptops.
$ 200 Same or Next Day
  • Includes general health check

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