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Why Choose IT-Solve for your Computer Repairs in Adelaide?


Professional Reliable Honest Best Rated Quick Fair Price Premium Laptop & Macbook Repairs

Professional Repairs

Over 10 years of Laptop & Macbook Electronic Repair experience.
We do not just replace parts - We Repair them.

One to One Service

We do not have Receptionists.
Instead, you talk directly with the Engineer who will fix your Laptop & Macbook.

Excellent Reviews

We let our Customers speak for us.
Nothing to hide or blur.

Best Rated Macbook Repairs in Australia!

Quick & Reliable

We have the fastest turnaround in South Australia.
Thousands of parts in stock and on standby, we get the job done under a week!

Free Pickup & Return

Free Pickup and Return in Adelaide if you go ahead with our Diagnostic or Repair Service.

Simply Explained

Diagnostic, Repair and Handover are all explained in great detail with a visual walkthrough.


No Greenwashing!
We genuinly care for the Planet, and do our best to save unnecessary landfill waste.

We all know recycling is a scam...what do you do about it?

Repair Cases

All our Work and Repair Cases are actual repairs we do daily. See how we fix Laptops & Macbooks.

Most transparent pricing across repair centres

Quote, Diagnostic & Repair Process

All our repair prices are displayed on our website under the Need Repair section.

If you are after a quote, it is easier to get a rough idea of the cost from the top menu.

If the Fault or Quote is not clear, then we need you booked in for a Diagnostic. That way we can have a chat and figure out how we can help.

Self-Identfy Fault and get a QuoteDiagnostic & Repair Process?

Drop Off Locations across Adelaide

Drop Off your Device at one of our Drop Off Locations, and we will Collect, Diagnose, Quote, Repair and Return it in no time.

If you need a Diagnostic and Quote while you wait - Book an appointment at our Main Workshop in Campbelltown. 

Quickest turnarounds in Adelaide - under a week repair time

Find locations


At main Campbelltown Workshop

Send IT

Send it by post for a Repair

Pick Up

We pickup for free in Adelaide

Replacing SATA Drive with an SSD on a 27" iMac

Your Data is Safe

We comply with the Australian Privacy Act to ensure your data is not leaving your laptop’s premises or our workshop.

If we need to backup and transfer your data between installations or hard drive upgrades we ensure it is backed up on temporary storage which gets wiped after each customer. This way we ensure your data is securely transferred across to your new system.

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Replacing SATA Drive with an SSD on a 27" iMac

Trust Australia’s Highest Rated Macbook Repair Service!​

Most 5-Star Reviews in Australia

We have been consistently getting amazing feedback from our Customers. We are eternally grateful, for sharing our passion for a sustainable future by getting Laptops and Macbooks #RepairedNotReplaced

Do your bit to save the Planet 🌏

Repair, Don't Replace. Here is Why

Personal Benefits

When we grew up, devices lasted over 10 years. Today’s generation will never see a device lasting over 3 years. Hence, they will never know what life expectancy a device should have. Instead, will feed into throwaway design and philosophy by keep buying the next “newer” model.

Reduce, Repair, Reuse ♻

Environmental Impact

Oil, Raw materials and precious resources used in manufacturing a Laptop or Macbook greatly impact our Planet.

For example, just to manufacture ONE laptop:

Thank you for Considering Repairing your laptop